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Raising The Bar is a full service career consultancy that helps you shape your career and solidify your success.

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What Raising the bar does

For college students and recent graduates:

RTB helps you find – and succeed on – your ideal career path.

For young professionals:

RTB works with you to sharpen the skills you need to land your dream job.

For established and corporate professionals:

RTB gives you the knowledge to become an invaluable asset to your company at any stage of your career.

How Raising The Bar doeS it

Founded in 2009 by Sandy Golinkin, Raising The Bar (RTB) is a full service career consultancy.

RTB helps you recognize your potential, solidify your purpose, and spark your confidence so that you can achieve your highest standard of professional excellence through tailored one-on-one consulting, engaging group workshops, and new online classes.

This is the career whisperer you’ve been looking for.

Online Classes

RTB’s affordable and easy-to-access online classes provide our clients who have recently graduated college or are just entering the workforce with the essential, and often unknown, information that will help them find and succeed on their ideal career path.  The classes equip clients for every stage of the job search and can be completed anytime, anywhere – at your convenience. 

One-on-one Consulting

For the most personalized coaching, Sandy works with clients in person individually to identify their early career goals and the best path forward to achieve those goals. Based on your strengths, weaknesses, and objectives, she helps clients distinguish themselves from the competition to become the most compelling candidate.

Workshops, Training, and Engagements

For individuals or groups of corporate professionals, RTB offers a variety of training workshops and speaking engagements that are customized based on specific client needs and goals. Whether you are looking to elevate younger members of your team or give your seasoned ones a new edge, RTB will work with you to develop a strong program to get you there. Family foundations are also frequent clients.

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What people are saying about Raising The Bar


“Sandy was with me every step of the way, helping me choose an area to focus on, how to best cast a wide net of inquiries, and drill deep in preparation for every application and interview. I couldn’t have done it without her. She was always available and constantly checking in; her thoroughness was a lesson in itself. I saw her attention to detail and thought, ‘this is how you make things happen.’”

– Caroline R., Sotheby’s


“Sandy worked with our daughter for the last six months. Among Sandy’s distinguishing qualities are her discipline, her practical and sound judgment, her wisdom and her high standards and values. She has changed the course of my daughter’s life. We are profoundly grateful to her and her warm sense of humor.’”

– Alexander L., father of client


“There is nobody better at being direct and helpful; she also provides actionable, accurate feedback. Her advice played a critical role in my crushing the presentation… and I got the job. If there is something challenging in my career, the first person I would call is Sandy.’”

– Sam M., HubSpot


“Sandy combines impeccable leadership skills and an innate sense of responsibility with her deep-seated passion for helping others, specifically young people. She is an extraordinary mixture of disciplinarian, nurturer, and supporter, delighted to recognize talents and celebrate accomplishments. Sandy excites clients because of how she is able to move the needle.’”

– Deenie H., author


“I was absolutely thrilled to invite Sandy Golinkin to present to the Columbia Women in Business Club, all of whom are considering their next career opportunities following graduation. Her experience, coupled with her laser-focused ability to identify an individual’s unique set of talents, allowed our group to walk away from our event with specific, actionable guidance for the next chapter of our careers.’”

– Catherine S., Columbia Business School


“Positivity, curiosity, passion—these are not merely Sandy’s personal tools of the trade. They are also among the most important qualities she impresses upon her job-seeking clients.’”

– Julia S., parent of client


“Working with Sandy has been lifechanging.”

– Helen B., Guggenheim Investors