Work with sandy in one of two ways


Sandy works with clients to identify their early career goals and create a path to best move forward. Through personalized programs,she helps clients distinguish themselves from the competition by guiding them to become the most compelling candidate.


The classes will help college students and recent graduates learn more about what to expect in the full-time workplace and the necessary skills on how to best prepare.


Many of the skills and tools that young adults and college grads need to learn in order to cross the bridge from college to the next chapter – joining the full-time professional world – are often not taught in most college or university classrooms. Raising The Bar is a consulting company founded by Sandy Golinkin to help people achieve the highest standards of excellence professionally. The primary area of focus is to work with recent college grads and young adults who are finding their first jobs or are early on in their career path. Sandy’s inclination to lead, nurture, and guide–all with the prowess of a psychological sage–allows her to play the role of champion with finesse. She is in the business of people.