What our clients are saying…

“Sandy is amazingly accomplished, but she never loses sight of the value of hunger and hard work. Sometimes her advice was literally the opposite of what my friends were saying and doing – fashion people tend to try to be ‘cool and blasé’, but Sandy taught me the importance of working against that impulse. Get there earlier, work harder, raise your hand for the stuff that no one else wants to do.”

–Marta DP., Art & Commerce

“I was already on track, but Sandy nudged me into excellence.”

–Elizabeth S., videographer

“You gave me an immense amount of useful advice that will come in handy for the steps ahead. Moreover, you were able to take some weight off my shoulders in terms of the stress that comes with job searching.”

–Max M., Taboola

What THEIR PARENTs are saying…

“You have listened and been patient yet demanding. He seems much more responsive to your coaching than I have ever witnessed before. So whatever you have done, thank you for being tough but fair and caring. He says you are the kindest, yet most direct person he has met, and he appreciates your talents and style.”

–Susan V., mother of client

“Sandy helps her students gain confidence by understanding how their skills, experiences, and education weave together to form their own unique story. That helps them see their strengths and put them to use, and that results in better interviews and better career opportunities. The breadth and depth of what she teaches is outstanding..”

–Dan R., father of client

“Sandy is an incredible listener – she is able to take in a tremendous amount of information and distill it. looking at the whole person, imagining them in various environments, determining where they will really thrive. this is the challenge, and it is one that Sandy takes quite seriously. Sandy is kind and caring, but always real, she doesn’t give false compliments or assurances.”

–Stephanie S., mother of client

Right away, we felt a sense of trust – in just a few meetings, she has given our daughter a sense of home; a place where she feels safe opening up, talking about herself, and exploring her options. Part of what makes that trust possible is Sandy’s dedication to her work. She is so accessible, always willing to meet, always full of questions. her passion shows. Positivity, curiosity, passion—these are not merely Sandy’s personal tools of the trade. they are also among the most important qualities she impresses upon her job-seeking clients. Our daughter is learning to ask the questions she was too shy to ask before.”

–Julia S., mother of client

What PROFEssionals are saying…

“You are an idea machine and all of us were overwhelmed with your exceptional vision and spot-on thoughts, ideas, and how best to proceed and execute for our new venture.”

–Zoe Cruz, Former President of Morgan Stanley

Sandy is dedicated, loyal, smart, hard-working, and extremely innovative in her ideas. She is a notable and impressive asset and I am delighted to endorse her wholeheartedly.”

–Felix Rohatyn, Special Advisor to CEO Lazard Freres and Former US Ambassador to France

“Yes, she set the bar high and also gave us the support and tools to make it happen.
Yes, she runs a tight ship and those healthy business habits make me think of Sandy every day.”

–Michelle Thorpe, Associate Publisher, Beauty at Modern Luxury Magazine

“She is the best balanced leader in our company…she can be tough, kind, funny, direct, hugely persuasive…[an] all-around fabulous publisher, fabulous colleague, fabulous person…[the] most well rounded, effective manager I have ever worked with…she is star quality…she is simply the best and the brightest.

–Andrew Amill, VP/GM Healthy Living Group (Active Interest Media)

Sandy thinks ahead, she anticipates problems and looks for solutions. She is also the most organized person I have ever worked with. She…is supportive, concerned and loyal to her people. Sandy is a tremendous talent with great publishing instincts. She should and will go far.”

–Tom Ryder, Board Member of Amazon

“My experience with Sandy was the most positive forward movement that I have had in years. It was a step towards a fruitful renewal. I keep it in my mind as a talisman.”

–William Rondina, Carlyle

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