One-on-one consulting

Raising The Bar helps you identify your best career path, develop a range of skills to gain jobs, and in turn, boost your confidence. 


About one-on-one consulting

Sandy Golinkin, founder of Raising The Bar, helps her one-on-one clients:

Identify their best career path

Develop a range of skills to gain jobs

Boost their confidence.

She is deeply invested in her clients’ wellbeing. Sandy nurtures talent and goes above and beyond to help clients distinguish themselves from the competition. She works with clients all over the country; many clients are based in California, Texas, New York, Illinois and several other states. While best in person, the meetings can be also be done by phone or Skype.

Where one-on-one clients have been hired:

What people have to say:

“Everyone needs a champion. Someone to nudge you beyond your limits, to reign you in when you’re lost, and a voice to speak one octave above your own until you’re ready to rise above the clamor. For some people, that’s a parent. For others, it’s a coach, mentor, or professor. But if you’re lucky, it’s Sandy Golinkin.

Sandy is an extraordinary mixture of disciplinarian, nurturer, and supporter – delighted to recognize talents and celebrate accomplishments. Sandy excites clients because of how she is able to move the needle.”

–Deenie Hartzog-Mislock, author

“Sandy is a person who under promises and over delivers. We hired her to help our youngest child, Jack, find a job. These are our favorite things that she did for him: She gave him direction, self confidence, and brought his resume to an entirely new level. She taught him how to handle an interview and difficult questions, and in the end, she helped him get an offer from JP Morgan. She cares so very much, and was responsive when he needed guidance and direction, which was so meaningful to our son. She was with him each step of the way. The extent of her skills were a genuine delight for us.”

–Jill R., parent of client

What Sandy does for her clients:





Zach S., The Mark