Gifting your kids a ‘career concierge’ could give them an edge to land that dream job – MarketWatch – WSJ Excerpt


Raising the Bar, another career-consulting firm focused on young adults can offer those services. Sandy Golinkin launched the company about five years ago, offering one-on-one job advice to young entry-level job seekers.

Now, Golinkin offers four courses, clients can buy online: Life After College, Résumés, Interviews as well as Cover & Follow-Up Letters. They include advice on managing tough questions in an interview — “they don’t want to see the answer as much as they want to see you behave. Stay calm, smile be poised,” — how to manage career expectations and how to build a résumés that can get passed the automated tracking systems so many companies use to screen applicants.

Every class is divided into chapters, each between four and 11 minutes in length, so that young job-seekers can take them at their own pace. “The market has become very competitive,” Golinkin said. “Part of what I try to teach people is how do you stick out from the pack.”

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Golinkin developed the insights she provides to her clients through her three-decade career in magazine publishing, which put her in touch with a variety of industries and gave her the opportunity to mentor and help launch the careers of many young adults.

Families and friends interested in buying the courses as a gift can head to During the holidays, each course is $49 on its own or gift-givers can buy all four classes for $196 and get a fifth course on how to become an invaluable entry-level employee, for free. Once the purchase is made, the gift-giver will receive a coupon code they can give the recipient to claim the class.

“If you feel that your child is lost, confused, or not well-informed on their career path or how to achieve a job or an opportunity, an internship, my classes guaranteed will help,” she said.

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