Internship cancelled
Interview postponed
Job offer rescinded
Recruiters ghosting you
Post-grad plans on indefinite hold

What now?!

A Series of FREE Weekly Zoom Discussions and Classes
for College Students and Young Professionals

Choose the discussions and classes you need most; each has been created to help you use this unexpected time to learn how to stand out from the crowd in your job search.

The Career Launch Advice You Need

It may feel this is the worst possible time to be a newcomer to the job market, but there are ways to utilize this unexpected time to become a strong candidate, articulate and informative about what you can contribute to any professional environment.

These discussions are designed to help you develop professionally, ease your job search stress, spark your self confidence, and successfully navigate professional opportunities. Bring your questions, concerns, and confusion to the weekly Q&A sessions to have them addressed by Sandy Golinkin, CEO and founder of Raising The Bar.

Session 1: Post-grad Tips Class

  • How to bring your A+ game to your job search
  • How to best articulate your personal brand
  • Job search tips and tricks

Session 2: Resume Building Class

  • How to write a resume that gets results
  • What recruiters think of your resume
  • What is an ATS resume?

Session 3: Interview Prep Class

  • Tips for appearing calm and professional under pressure
  • How to be well-prepared, as well as how to handle the unexpected
  • The questions you should ask your interviewer
  • The questions you should NOT ask

Session 4: Cover & Follow Up Letter Class

  • Tips for succinct, impactful, and informative writing
  • What to do when you’ve been ghosted after an interview

Session 5: How to Become an Invaluable Entry Level Employee

  • How to make your boss look good
  • Why being resourceful is key
  • How you can learn about other departments
  • 10 tips that will make you shine on day 1!

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