Key Points on Preparing to be the Ideal Candidate

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Life After College: Launching Your Career


Many of the skills and tools that young adults and college grads need to learn in order to cross the bridge from college to the next chapter – joining the professional world – are often not taught in college or university classrooms.


Sandy Golinkin, Founder and CEO of Raising the Bar, is here to fill the gap by teaching young adults how to successfully become a strong candidate in order to land their dream job.


Designed specifically for college students and recent graduates, Sandy’s online classes give clients the tools to successfully find, apply and interview for jobs in the workplace.


Life After College: Launching Your Career Search

Setting your post college path

Networking skills

Bring your “A’ game

Brand building 101

Well rounded on many levels

Resumes: Standing Out and Getting Noticed First impressions

How to create a resume that pops

How to sell yourself on paper

ATS vs ‘Non-Application’ resumes – content & format

Examples of resumes

Interviews: Prepare to Bring Your “A”Game Interview prep & research


Mock interviews

Staying at ease

Meeting your new boss

How to interview like a pro

Easy & not-so-easy questions

Cover & Follow-Up Letters: Maintain Contact Content & format


Examples of cover & follow-up letters

Cover letters that open doors

Follow-up that seals the deal


“Most people who call themselves coaches have never actually built a team or led a major organization. Sandy has done both very successfully and more than once. She knows not only how to help you look right to a hiring manager, but more importantly how to help you learn to BE right. This is not just about getting a job, it’s about building the foundation for a career. Sandy has spent decades doing this within her own teams, and now she can do it for you.”

Kevin Lake – Vice President (retired), Philips Medical Systems

“The Raising the Bar modules you presented were a great way to link students to their gifts and opportunities. By providing the students with real-world scenarios and templates, you were able to build on the momentum of their asset mapping and empower them to take the steps toward success. Our MiddCORE students were extremely receptive to your mixture of anecdotal and hands-on facilitation. Many of our students participate in MiddCORE for the opportunity to learn from experts in the field and experience their learning through implementation. Raising the Bar provided the exact type of engaged learning experience we strive to deliver.”

Christal Brown – Faculty Director, MiddCORE/Middlebury College

“Sandy has the characteristics of great coaches: integrity, empathy, insightfulness, and energy, as well as the capacity to identify and foster the very best in people.”

Fred Kass – Executive Vice Chairman, Columbia Psychiatry


LIFE AFTER COLLEGE: Key Points on Preparing to be the Ideal Candidate